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If you want to keep tabs on your money, and not just when you are online, then ITS Mobile Banking is the answer. With ITS Mobile Banking, your card balance and your transaction history are at your fingertips. In a sense, you can bank anywhere, anytime.

ITS has two unique mobile banking applications.

  1. FREE MOBILE-With FREE Mobile, you can set up your own alerts and ITS will send you a text message or an email based on those predefined choices. For example, you can choose to receive a text or email whenever you receive a Direct Deposit, or your balance gets low. To view all or your options, to to the cardholder account.*
  2. MOBILE PLUS- ITS Mobile PLUS allows you all the option of FREE Mobile, but with Mobile PLUS you can also transfer funds, check transaction history and much more. There is $1 monthly fee for Mobile PLUS and then $0.10 per text. * Call ITS Customer Service at 1-866-977-3974 to set up Mobile PLUS today.

* Standard text messaging charges may apply.


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